***** USS Ticonderoga CV14 "big T" carrier memorial site.*****
Also known as the ti and tico, the site is a tribute to the navy carrier and its crew , airgroup 80 and airgroup 87.
USS Ticonderoga CV14 * Memorial site for the Big T

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Beautiful World War Two era graphics are reproduced to commemorate and honor the men who served aboard the USS Ticonderoga. A great gift idea or for your own wall art showing your appreciation of their service to America

Plank Owners Certicicate

Simple yet eye catching WWII era designed custom reproduction.

CAG 80 Emblem Art

Full Color Reproduction of Ticonderoga's Air Group patches

CAG 80 Battle Record

Honor, Courage, Commitment
CAG 80'S Impressive scores

World War Two era -Reprints
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VF-80 Vipers 4 Glass Set
US Navy VF-80 Vipers

Laser etched glass set, Commemorates Big T's VF-80 "Vorses's Vipers" named after the Groups C.O. and Navy Ace "scoop" Vorse. CV-14 Golf Shirt

Golf Shirt
Custom Military Apparel USS Ticonderoga CV-14 Embroidered Golf Shirt Sizes SMALL-4X
CV-14 Ship Cap
USS Ticonderoga CV-14

Navy Ship Cap
This Navy Ship Ball Cap is five panel,emblematic poly, dark under the visor,full back(not mesh) and fully adjustable. All our Military hats are fully guaranteed. CV-14 Patch
USS Ticonderoga CV-14

Vet Owned Business
USS TICONDEROGA CV-14 Ship Patch, Medium - Color 5" Round, High Quality Embroidery.
Navy Veteran - Zippo Lighter
US Navy Veteran

Zippo Lighter
Outdoor Indoor Windproof Lighter Free Custom Personalized Engraved Message Permanent Lifetime Engraving on Backside Medal Display Case
Medal Display Case

Award Shadow Box
Display Case with glass door, Wall Mountable, Walnut Finish

VF-80 Vipers Patch
VF-80 Patch
VB-80 Patch
VB-80 Patch
VT-80 Patch
VT-80 Patch

VB-87 SB2C Bomber
Hobby Master 2213 SB2C-4E Helldiver

VB-87 USS Ticonderoga 1945 1/72 Scale Model
VF-87 F6F Hellcat
Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat

VF-87 USS Ticonderoga 1945

CV-14 Tree Ornament Laser Engraved Brass Inlay Acrylic Ornament Front Side: Ship Design Back Side: US Navy Design Material is Acrylic with a Brass Inlay. Great Gift for that Special Navy Veteran. Size: 3" x 3" - 1/8 " Thick CV-14 Coaster Set D4X4 Cork Coaster,Laser Engraved.Great Gift for Weddings, Birthdays and more. Built to last from Eco Friendly Cork Easy to clean, simply rinse and dry.

CV-14 Ship Plaque
- USS Ticonderoga CV-14 Navy Ship Plaque -

Features engraved ship name and designation
Includes decorative gift box and acrylic stand
Features 3 lines of personalized engraving

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