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Afire after she was hit by a "Kamikaze" attack off Formosa, 21 January 1945.
In San Francisco Bay, California, following the end of World War II, circa late 1945 or early 1946. A blimp is in the background.
USS Ticonderoga
CV-14 Patch

Photo by PhoM2c John Lucas, shows battle flag being raised on USS Ticonderoga at 1250, 15 August 1945.
Broad port view - Pudget Sound navy yard - 16 April, 1945 VB-87 SB2C
Dive on IJN Tone
Signed by Lt. Brehem VB-87

Smoking heavily after kamikaze hit 21 Jan 1945
The torpedo shop fixes a fish for Tojo
US Navy Creed

A 5-inch shell is on its way...
One of the 5-inch guns blows a smoke ring.
U.S. Navy Medallion
4 x 6 photo frame

USS Ticonderoga CV-14 after repairs from Kamikaze hit
- SB2C on deck - SB2C bomber nose down on deck January 1945
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