USS Ticonderoga CV-14
Photo Gallery 1945

   Afire after she was hit by a "Kamikaze" attack off Formosa, 21 January 1945. Photographed from USS Miami (CL-89). A Vought OS2U "Kingfisher" floatplane is on the cruiser's starboard catapult, in the foreground.

    In San Francisco Bay, California, following the end of World War II, circa late 1945 or early 1946. A blimp is in the background.

    Photo by PhoM2c John Lucas, shows battle flag being raised on USS Ticonderoga at 1250, 15 August 1945.

    Broad port view - Pudget Sound navy yard - 16 April, 1945

    Smoking heavily after kamikaze hit 21 Jan 1945

    The torpedo shop fixes a fish for Tojo

    A 5-inch shell is on its way...

    One of the 5-inch guns blows a smoke ring.

    USS Shannon steams past Task Forces anchorage 1945 (color photo)

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