USS Ticonderoga
Photo Gallery 1944-1973

   Underway off San Diego, California, after departing Naval Air Station, North Island, for her final Western Pacific deployment, 17 May 1972.

    Refueling from USS Ashtabula (AO-51), while operating off the coast of Vietnam, circa early 1966. Although seas were running very high, the ships completed replenishment and Ticonderoga received 175,000 gallons of black oil.

    A-4 "Skyhawk" landing on board, after a simulated strike on "enemy" forces during an operational readiness inspection, 18 January 1963. An A-3B "Sky Warrior" and F-3 "Demon" are parked on the carrier's after flight deck, and another A-3 is in the upper left distance, making its landing approach.

    USS Ticonderoga CVA-14 underway 10 November, 1967.

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