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Departing from Norfolk
Navy Yard , 30 May 1944

At sea off the Philippines, prior to first strike , 5 November 1944. Ship painted in camouflage Measure 33, Design 10a.

Navy Scrapbook Album

Leaving harbor
unknown location

some crew members
prepare for work.
(center & left)

The only way we can win our fight is
to fight as a unit and EVERYONE do
his part....  ~~ Dixie Kiefer

Aircraft prepare for takeoff during the attacks upon luzon, the Phillipines

Big T's 40mm quadruple
anti-aircraft mount and
crew defending the ship.

CV-14 Logbook-Planner

Hull inspection
prior to commissioning
16 April, 1944

Air group 80
training operations
28 June, 1944

Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz to Ticonderoga...
"Good Hunting and Good Luck."

Big T's radio room
training operations during
shakedown cruise

VB-80 air crewmen prepare
for strike 5 november, 1944
- New 8x10 USS Ticonderoga (on right) and Task Group 38.3 return from battle-
Task Group 38.3
returning from battle
USS Ticonderoga (on right.)

On the road to Brooklyn's shore,
Where there is no dogged down door,
And your home at last and thru,
With hate and hell and war.

             ~~anonymous Big "T" sailors

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