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Also known as the ti and tico, the site is a tribute to the navy carrier and its crew , airgroup 80 and airgroup 87.
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- The Indestructible Man -

Captain Dixie Kiefer
Dixie Kiefer was a true World War II hero. The first man to fly plane off a ship at night, XO on the carrier USS Yorktown at the Coral Sea and Midway battles , and skipper of USS Ticonderoga while under brutal attack by kamikaze planes. Through it all, he performed coolly and heroically, leading his men through hell and back.
cv14 Warship Pictorial
- Warship Pictorial No. 22 -

USS Ticonderoga
Covers the entire history of the big 'T' from World war II, thru the Vietnam War, ending with the Apollo and Skylab recovery missions. Many never before printed photographs were copied from archive sources to produce a visual history of this venerable warship.
- USS Ticondewroga CV-CVA-CVS-14 -

CV - CVA - CVS - 14
Ticonderoga ships and men have established an impressive naval tradition for nearly two centuries. We have only official records of the Ticonderoga men who sailed and fought the earlier ships. In this volume are the vivid memories of those who survive today from World War II to the present.

Each of the books reviewed here were written by men who served on the Big "T" during world war II. You will get a first-hand accurate description of carrier operations on Ticonderoga as well as personal experiences.
- Wildcats To Tomcats -
- Wildcats to Tomcats -

The Tailhook Navy
by "Zeke" Cormier
"Wildcats to Tomcats" is authored by three who have been there, and have had every title worth having in Naval Aviation. Zeke Cormier, who flew with VF-80 on the Ticonderoga, Wally Shirra, and Phil Wood. All three share their experiences in this amazing book. Every aspect of their glorious and dynamic lives they share! And they don't attempt to paint a rosy picture of the U.S. Navy. All three describe their feats with absolute honesty, no gripes held back.
World War II Tailhooker
- WWII Tailhooker -

Don Monson
The narrative spans several decade in times of war and peace. It tells of many escapes from death, both before and after becoming a navy flyer with VB-80. He also describes the many close friendships forged early on in flight-training, and aboard several aircraft carriers including USS Ticonderoga while attached to dive bombing squadrons during and following World War Two
- Combat Carriers -
- Combat Carriers -

My Brushes With History
by Sam Sommers
Combat Carriers: My Brushes with History is Sommers's personal account of service in World War II. First as a member of Harvard's ROTC program and then as a deck and gunnery ensign aboard the USS Cowpens and USS Ticonderoga

- The Battle of Midway -

Searching for the Truth
by George J. Walsh
This is a book about the 1942 Battle of Midway, the turning point of the Pacific war against Japan. It was seeded at a 1989 reunion of the author's WW II dive bombing squadron, VB-80. It begins with an idle curiosity and ends with an appeal. It is a story that has fascinated me as it evolved from necessary wartime secrecy to unnecessary secrecy today... 74 years later.
- The Hostile Sky -
- The Hostile Sky -

James W. Vernon
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James Vernon's memoir of his years at war with VF-87 flying F6F Hellcats from the USS Ticonderoga cv14 off of the coast of Japan.
- Schoolboy To Helldiver -
- Schoolboy To Helldiver -

His Life and Letters
by John Speier Manchester
One hundred and ninety seven letters written by John Manchester encompass his enrollment, training and service in the Naval Air Corps between December 1, 1942 and November 13, 1944. These letters reveal the exhilaration of youthful adventure, then development of toughness and endurance, and finally the startling realization that war with the Japanese would be his destiny. "Egad! I'm actually going" he wrote to his mother after he and his buddy, Dugan Doyle, convinced the Commander to accept them as volunteer replacements on the carrier Ticonderoga. They were the youngest pilots on the ship. Many copies of handwritten letters highlight this historical treasure.

Also recommended. Books written by navy veterans on more current conflicts we face today

Plot to Destroy Democracy
Malcolm Nance

Plot to Hack America
Malcolm Nance

The Restless Wave
John McCain

The Luckiest Man
John McCain

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