- pictures of ship mates -

Final tribute for those lost during the 21 January kamikaze attack
Some of the crew playing cards to pass the time
 Four salts
Four "salts" - Pearl Harbor 1945
Crew View
Some of the crew viewing photos
VBF-87 pilot
- Chuck Henderson -
A VBF-87 pilot who was friends with my father
dad's crew
- Dad's crew -
Getting ready for yet another battle
what now?
- Whadda ya want now? -
My dad liked writing stuff on the back of pics. just one of his gems here
wake up!
- Sloppy Joes -
Remember their names
- Never Forget -
Pat Kitt
- Pat Kitt -
Member of the ships boxing team and friend of my father. After the war, Mr. Kitt was a professional boxer and hollywood actor.
- Cmdr. Paul Brehm -
Member of VB-87, Cmdr. Brehm flew missions which included those responsible for sinking Japanese vessels "Tone" and "Hyuga"
Ensign R. D. Clark - 1944
- Ensign Robert D. Clark -
Night Fighter Pilot
member of air group 87
(1944 photo)
Ensign R. D. Clark - 1984
- Ensign R. D. Clark -
Night Fighter Pilot
member of air group 87
(1984 photo)
Some of the crew celebrate after
hearing news that war is over.
2nd division 5-inch gun crew
Dad, Pat Kitt and some of the crew celebrate in Hawaii before heading for the Phillippines.
2nd division 5-inch gun crew
My dad, with 2nd division
5-inch crew on deck 1945
chop chop
- Chop Chop -
Brig Warden. Can anyone
guess his real name?
daily line-up on a hot day
Daily line-up on a hot day
religious services
Religious services - hangar deck
 Lt. Red Brooks at work
Lt. Red Brooks hard at work.
Crew chowline
Chowline:Crew line-up for chow
Lohrke twins
- Two of a Kind -
brothers stick together
William 'marty' Martinez
- William "marty" Martinez -
VBF-87 Gunner
crew enjoy time off
- Some of the crew -
enjoy time off at a cafe
Richard Jaycox- 2nd Div.
- Richard Jaycox -
2nd div. 5 inch gun crew
 Purple Heart Awards
- Purple Heart Awards -
Rescue From Tokyo Bay
Ens. Brega, aircrewman Warehime
and Proudfit rescued from Tokyo Bay
1st Anniversary Party
- Jammin on the "T" -
1st Anniversary Party
Admiral Halsey Aboard the T
- Admiral On The Deck -
Halsey discusses kamikaze attacks

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