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James P. Cardwell - 1925 - 1945

James P. Cardwell

Marine Warrior Pin
Marine Warrior

Proud Marine
Brave Soldier

Cardwell Square
James P. Cardwell
  1925 – 1945      — James Cardwell --the son of Andrew G. Cardwell, was killed in action on 21 January 1945 aboard the USS Ticonderoga, Born here in my home town in Massachusetts, PFC Cardwell later moved to Worcester, Ma. where on December 13 ,1943 he became a proud member of the United States Marine Corps. PFC Cardwell was killed in the 21 January Kamikaze attack on USS Ticonderoga and was buried at sea. His name is forever remembered and enshrined on The Wall Of The Missing at The Manila American Cemetery in the Philippines.
     The city of Worcester where he resided, has dedicated and renamed the area at the intersection of Baker and Wayne streets as "Cardwell Square" and placed a Plaque in his honor.

Wall Of The Missing
Manila American Cemetery

Memorial Plaque at Baker
and Wayne streets

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