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Anderson, Edward L., Cpt., USNR Ret. (1914 - 1998)

   Capt. Edward L. Anderson

       never forget
            VB-80 Commander

Anderson, Edward L, Cpt., USNR
Man of Courage and Valor

Edward Lee Anderson, Captain
         1914 - 1998

    -- Captain Edward Lee Anderson of Claremont, Virginia enlisted in the Navy in 1932 and was accepted to the Naval Academy in 1934. He graduated in the top 113 of his class in 1938. He received his gold Naval Aviator Wings in March 1941 and transitioned into the Douglas SBD. He reported aboard the USS Enterprise in May 1941. Enterprise participated in the Marshall Islands Raid.

    From June 4Ih to June 6 1942, the Enterprise, along with the carriers Hornet and Yorktown, fought the Battle of Midway. He served as a Section Leader of a bombing squadron aboard the Enterprise and for his actions was awarded the Navy Cross. He also received the Distinguished Flying Cross for his efforts during the Battle of Midway. From August 1942 to January 1944, he served as a Chief Instructor for advanced carrier operations and Chief Flight Instructor at NAS Jacksonville and NAS Dayton Beach.

    From January 1944 to January 1945 he served aboard the USS Ticonderoga. He was the commanding officer of Bombing Squadron 80 and flew the SB2C. While serving on the USS Ticonderoga, he was severely injured in two Kamikaze attacks and received a Purple Heart as a result of these

    In August 1949, he reported to the USS Midway as an Air Officer. In June 1955, he reported to the USS Forrestal where he served as the Executive Officer until July 1956. In August 1958 he was given his first command of a surface ship the USS Onslow, which was a seaplane tender. On June 6, 1961 he was given command of the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt and on July 1, 1968 he retired from the Navy after a 32-year career.

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